Mitimes represents an innovative new way for professionals to capture, record and maximise their chargeable time.  With Mitimes, you’ll record more time in less time.

However, Mitimes is more than just a timesheet.  Mitimes is also a valuable business intelligence tool, helping you to not only capture and record your time, but also to analyse and understand it.

Mitimes integrates with a number of systems and programs including practice, client relationship and document management systems, and email, telephone and digital dictation systems.  Through these integrations, Mitimes is able to capture, report and analyse a wide variety of information, including your daily chargeable activities.  In this way, Mitimes is almost able to prepare your entire daily timesheet for you.

Mitimes operates on ‘the cloud’, making it accessible to you anytime and anywhere from any device with an Internet connection, including a desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone.

In response to a number of client requests, Mitimes Lite was developed.  Mitimes Lite is a product with features that specifically address the needs of your administrative and support staff.  For example, its integrations and intelligent search functions mean that your support staff can retrieve accurate and detailed client and matter information quickly and easily, without having to search various systems or physical files.

Clients whose fee earners rely exclusively on Mitimes to complete their timesheets enjoy substantial increases in recorded time.  On average, fee earners record an additional 5 to 10 units (or 30 to 60 minutes) every day.  Even increases of half that amount can significant increase an organisation’s profitability.

Through its real time tracking, reporting and notification capabilities, Mitimes can help you to comply with your professional and risk management obligations.

Mitimes can send you a notification (e.g. email or SMS) upon a certain event occurring.  That notification can also invite you to initiate an automatic (but customisable) workflow with the simple click of a button.

Mitimes can, for example, alert you of:

  • financial threshold that may require your attention;
  • a potential conflict of interest that calls for your consideration; and
  • a key dates or milestone, such as the lodgement deadline for a report.

Mitimes can even invite you to commence or authorise an appropriate next step.

Mitimes is extremely intuitive – it is easily learned and quickly adopted by new users.  We offer a range of training options to suit you and your staff, as well as a variety of useful materials available electronically to users, including user guides and ‘how to’ videos.  Training can be done one-on-one, in small groups or by way of a presentation to all staff.  It can take place at your offices or via webinar.

With support staff in Australia and overseas, you’re guaranteed a fast response from our Help Desk in the unlikely event of a technical issue.

You can contact our Help Desk at

Mitimes currently supports the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer (IE) on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Mitimes operates on the cloud, which is one of the most secure ways to store information.  In the event of, say, a natural disaster or the theft of your laptop, your information remains safely stored online.

Furthermore, our servers are located in Australian facilities, access to which is strictly controlled.

Finally, we take the privacy of your information seriously.  You can read our Privacy Policy here.  We guarantee the security and privacy of your confidential and sensitive information and will enter into a confidentiality deed with you prior to integration.

We have a competitive subscription-based pricing strategy.  Basically, you only pay for what you need and use.  Mitimes is fully customisable meaning that you choose what features or functions you want and only pay for those.   What’s more, if you don’t use Mitimes, you don’t pay for it – you will only be charged for active licences and, therefore, only where Mitimes is of direct benefit to you, your staff and your firm.